BGJ Group clients work with other clients.
That makes it possible to not only have entry to the C-Suite, but because we come armed with a full toolkit of resources, our clients don’t have to go it alone



BGJ Group brings the C-Suite a bigger box of solutions, and its clients work together to provide innovative solutions.

Burke Gillis Juliano Group is a vital resource to the nation’s leading retail chain organizations, offering knowledge and networks to addresses the myriad of challenges that arise anywhere along the trajectory of the retail supply chain.

BGJ Group has the clout to work with the C-Suite because it provides a “bigger box” of solutions to every meeting, rather than coming armed with just one narrow idea.

The road to creating better efficiencies and addressing challenges on the retail level is complex, and numerous activities must occur simultaneously during the process when raw material becomes a product in the consumer’s cart. The Burke Gillis Juliano Group is equipped to address these issues immediately, creatively, and in a cost efficient manner by putting together programs that involve several of its clients at one time. 

Many of them are key players in U.S. retail chain businesses, providing the trucks, logistics, storage, inventory controls, in-store service, technology, compliance, displays, and merchandising that are vital to retailers. Others are manufacturers and suppliers – from new entries to the U.S. market to world-class trade brands.