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Companies are continually search for high level executives in the extended networks sustained by The Burke Gillis Juliano Group. Since BGJ Group began, we have continually received inquiries for recommendations from the many C-Suite level people with whom we meet regularly.

Because interest and demand has been so high, the BGJ Group has formalized and expanded its capacity to service both Employers and Job Seekers for their high-level staffing needs. Len Okyn, renowned for his outstanding work in managing a wide variety of clients including Fortune 500, mid-cap public, private equity and venture-backed companies in the retail and food industries, heads BGJ Group’s Executive Recruitment effort. He has a solid track record in delivering exceptional strategic talent in high-level jobs, while sustaining relationships in the retail, wholesale and industrial fields.

Dedicated to making the best possible matches for its clients, BGJ Group Executive Recruitment serves both employers who are looking for top-level talent, and executives in retail operations, merchandising, marketing, sales, finance, human resource, distribution, and other specialties that represent many points in the retail supply chain trajectory.


BGJ Group performs two types of searches for an organization that is recruiting for talent.

Retainer Search - It is beneficial to the client to have an exclusive agreement with the BGJ Group so that
resources can be totally committed and accountable within a specific time frame to complete the search assignment successfully. A retainer search provides the flexibility of the search consultants to identify candidates and manage the search process, with full disclosure and accountability.

Contingency Search - A contingency search is based on whether the ideal candidate who matches the search profile is successfully recruited. If that happens within a designated period of time (usually 12 months), clients are required to pay the service fee. An exclusive search is preferred where BGJ Group is the primary contact between clients and candidates.


BGJ Group performs two types of searches for an organization that is recruiting for talent.

BGJ Group utilizes its extended networks and expert consultants, who have hands-on experience in various segments of the market, to help match the appropriate executive to his/her best possible position in the food and retail industries. Some of those segments include retail operations, merchandising, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, distribution, logistics, and more.

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